The Family History Detectives® Podcast

Solving mysteries with Investigative Genetic Genealogy

The Family History Detectives® podcast is an inside look at the use of genetic genealogy to reveal hidden truths, solve mysteries, and bring justice. Links to other podcast appearances can also be found on Allison’s podcast page.

Appearing In

Finding Baby Holly: A Life Changing Case

Read the story of Allison’s identification of Jane Doe, Tina Linn Clouse, and her role for locating the Clouse’s missing daughter Holly Marie in 2022.

Holly’s faith-based, true crime memoir is now in stores!

Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Subject Matter Expert

A subject matter expert on the use of genetic genealogy to uncover unknown human identities, including for law enforcement, Allison Peacock has been interviewed by every major American media network, appearing on broadcasts such as GMA3, ABC’s 20/20 and CNN Tonight with Laura Coates.