The Family History Detectives® podcast benefiting Genealogy For Justice™ is hosted by genetic genealogist Allison Peacock, founder of  FHD Forensics.  Listen below, or on your favorite podcast platform.

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Welcome ABC viewers of 20/20’s Baby Holly Found. To catch up on the inspiration for this collection of interviews, start with the Bonus: Welcome ABC Viewers episode. The Family History Detectives® podcast is the exclusive home on the internet for the inside look at the story of the Clouse-Casasanta and Linn families’ journey as the surviving family of loved ones identified 40 years after they went missing.

The Family History Detectives® podcast is an inside look at the use of genetic genealogy to reveal hidden truths, solve mysteries, and bring justice. Your hosts are forensic investigative genetic genealogist, Allison Peacock of FHD Forensics and her producer, Adam Nurre.

You’ve probably found us because you like genetic genealogy, solving mysteries, or true crime stories. Or you may have recently read about the senseless homicide of Dean and Tina Linn Clouse and the miraculous return of their missing daughter Holly Marie after 41 years!

We also talk about other FHD Forensic cases and feature interviews with team members, clients, and some of the forensic collaborators we work with.

The Family History Detectives® podcast benefits the Dean and Tina Linn Clouse Memorial Fund at Genealogy For Justice™.


Writer/Host: Allison Peacock
Producer: Adam Nurre
Original Theme and Music by: Adam Nurre

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Other Podcast Appearances

Allison collaborated with journalist, Cristina Corbin on a Fall 2022 top five True Crime podcast, What About Holly. To hear the entire history of the case of Dean and Tina Linn Clouse, including the search for their missing daughter, Holly Marie, listen on your favorite podcast platform.

Allison was featured by YouTube podcaster, Southern Girl Crime Stories on a June 2022 story about the Clouse-Linn case after the discovery of Holly Marie alive and well. Watch that video update here.