Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogist Allison Peacock in a live television appearance with CNN’s Laura Coates.

Founder of FHD Forensics, Allison Peacock brings passion, skills, and unique expertise to the investigation of unknown human identities. FHD Forensics works primarily with law enforcement and public interest historical investigations, with cases for private clients undertaken as workload permits.

Prior to turning her 20 year personal passion for genealogy to the silent mass disaster of cold cases, Allison built consistent and exceptional results as a corporate consultant. Key clients included Fortune 500 technology recruiting company, Aquent; global healthcare technology giants, Dell and Barco; and numerous healthcare operations, non-profit organizations, and innovative physician entrepreneurs. With the emergence of medical genomics in recent years, she assisted clients in communicating complex scientific information to professional audiences, conveying similar concepts in lay terminology to patients.

As a genealogical detective, Allison has researched cases in at least 15 foreign countries and counting. With the growing popularity of direct to consumer (DTC) DNA testing, she began using genealogy to determine unknown identities. Her solved cases include dozens of unknown biological parent and unidentified remains cases. Other identification projects include the paternity of a man born in South Carolina in 1856, the identity of an international black market adoption survivor, a dual perpetrator Midwestern homicide case, and assisting the families of two Texas murder victims with locating the couple’s missing daughter after 41 years. That case led to the innovative creation of the Dean and Tina Linn Clouse Memorial Fund to underwrite unidentified remains cases and provide the opportunity for their families to turn their pain into purpose. She now serves as the Advisory Board Chairman for Genealogy For Justice, a nonprofit dedicated to managing this fund and addressing the cold case crisis.

An avid storyteller, Peacock has authored memoirs and family history books for private clients. She also created the Family History Detectives® podcast. A recently completed collaboration with Fox journalist Cristina Corbin entitled What About Holly? was a Top Five true crime title on Apple Podcasts. Allison has been interviewed on the subject of genetic genealogy by every major American media network, appearing on broadcasts such as GMA3 and CNN Tonight with Laura Coates. An upcoming episode of ABC’s 20/20 on the Clouse-Linn case in is development.

Mysteries FHD can solve

  • Unidentified remains cases (John, Jane, and Infant Does)
  • Violent crime suspect identifications
  • Your unknown parentage (adoptions, affairs)
  • Your ancestors’ parental mysteries

What FHD cares about

We believe in the incredible true stories that can be told through genetic genealogy.

Technology used wisely has the potential for solving genetic mysteries and building authentic connections between law enforcement and victims, new family and old.

The Origins of FHD

Izzy’s Story

One of our founding inspirations for FHD Forensics involved the birth of a daughter, a missing paternal family tree, and the use of genetic genealogy to find unknown persons in Mexico.