Family History Detectives® is the genetic genealogy advocacy, crowdfunding, and podcast site for FHD Forensics. FHD’s founder Allison Peacock brings passion, skills, and front line experience to law enforcement agencies in order to facilitate closure on cold cases.

Prior to her career change to forensic genealogy, Allison enjoyed a 35 year career in business consulting with entrepreneurs, medical practices, and Fortune 500 companies in the areas of operations and communications. A graduate of Y Combinator Startup School, 2019 cohort, Peacock spent most of 2021 developing case handling systems, operational tactics and managing a team of genetic genealogy investigators to further the vision of forensic pioneer, Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick at Identifinders.

As the host of the Family History Detectives® podcast, Peacock also shares stories about the use of genetic genealogy to solve mysteries.

Mysteries FHD can solve

  • Unidentified remains cases (John, Jane, and Infant Does)
  • Violent crime suspect identifications
  • Your unknown parentage (adoptions, affairs)
  • Your ancestors’ parental mysteries

What FHD cares about

We believe in the incredible true stories that can be told through genetic genealogy.

Technology used wisely has the potential for solving genetic mysteries and building authentic connections between law enforcement and victims, new family and old.

The Origins of FHD

Izzy’s Story

One of our founding inspirations for FHD Forensics involved the birth of a daughter, a missing paternal family tree, and the use of genetic genealogy to find unknown persons in Mexico.