The Hope for Holly DNA Project was established to help the family of Holly Marie Clouse locate their missing loved one using the science of DNA. In the midst of the search for the daughter of two 1981 Texas murder victims, several woman – potential “Hollys” – have come to us for help determining whether they might be this missing child. And if not her, who are they? We’d like to them all while we spread Holly’s story.


HOPE For Holly –


The name for the Hope for Holly DNA Project was coined by Holly’s aunt, Theresa Welch, Dean Clouse’s sister.

That’s how I feel towards Holly now. I want so much to be able to embrace her and never let her go. And we want these other women who have questions to be able to embrace who they truly are as individuals with the help of DNA.

Days after the official closure of their John and Jane Doe cases and on the 41st anniversary of their deaths, KHOU News in Houston, Texas broadcast the story of 1981 murder victims Dean and Tina Linn Clouse and their missing daughter, Holly Marie. Within 24 hours of reporter Xavier Walton’s story, several tips came in to both the TV station and to Holly’s Facebook page.

The Hope for Holly DNA Project was created in honor of Holly Marie Clouse. In addition to helping to locate her, we are assisting the women who have come forward hoping they might be Holly. Our goals:

  • Spread Holly’s story in hopes that she recognizes details of her past and tests her DNA, thus finding her true family
  • DNA test women who match Holly’s story in certain ways and who have questions about their own identities
  • Help the women who do not match Holly’s family’s DNA find their own biological families
  • Plan a family gathering in Texas at Holly’s parents’ graves

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to raise money to help make these things happen.

Who is Holly Marie Clouse?

The missing child of murder victims inspires a movement

“What about their daughter?” These were certainly not the first words I expected to come out of the mouth of the surviving family member of a murder victim we had just identified. As a communications expert for a company that investigates cold cases for law enforcement, it was my job to break the heart of a Florida woman with a simple phone call.